Saguenay: Spend Your Vacation In This Lovely Oasis City

Saguenay is an oasis city in Northern Quebec. Let’s look at some things to do in this amazing yet less popular city.

Places to visit

  • Watch marine life at the aquarium at the Musee le fjord. They also have a touch pool and interactive sessions with fishes. It is a lovely experience if you visit during the feeding hours.
  • Musee le fjord also has a vivarium where you can watch touch insects. From scorpions to grasshoppers, they have natural species to live specimens of all. Our young one loved to watch hermit crabs, frogs, and pretty butterflies.
  • How could you miss animals after insects and aquatics? Head to Sauvage de St-Félicien, it is the largest zoo located in the outskirts of Saguenay. It took us around 2 hours to reach by cab ride, the zoo houses around 80 species from wolverines to grizzly bears.
  • Do hiking, kayaking, and canoeing, biking, swimming or plain walking at Parc de la Rivière-Du-Moulin stretched in approximately 7 kilometers. Equipment can be rented for a very fair price.
  • You can’t afford to miss cheesecakes and blueberries offered by various local cafes of Saguenay.
  • Visit Val Jalbert, a historical village and experience life of the 1920s and functioning of pulp mills. From that, you can take a cable car to the top of the mountain to give a feast to your eyes.

  • To beat the heat, hump into Water Park at Parc Mille Lieux de la Colline. It is a complete family fun theme park with a range of adventures, eateries, and shops in its complex.
  • Take a cruise. You can board a ship either to Saguenay River which has around 350 breathtaking views or cruise around Lac Saint-Jean. Dinner cruise at Lac Saint Jean will sweep you off your feet. We also got a chance to see a comedy performance at same.
  • Bike around the Canyon trail after visiting the Ouiatchouan Falls.

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