Quincy: Explore the Place of Deep Historical Importance

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My love for historical attractions took me to Quincy. It is home to president John Quincy Adams and John Adams. Both socially and culturally, this city has a lot of offers for visitors. If you plan to visit the city any time soon, there are a few attractions that you need to check out.

Adams National Historical Park

This place took me back in time. Like mentioned above, this is the birthplace of two popular presidents. I also visited Peace field, the Adams mansion which performed the role of the Summer White House for the presidents, as well as their descendants. Here, you will get to know about 5 generations of the Adams family.

Marina Bay

The charming boutique along with boardwalk makes it an excellent attraction to add it to your list. The amazing view of the skyline took my breath away. This has turned out to be the prime destination for waterfront entertainment. I satiated my hunger pangs at one of the restaurants in the marina. This is an active marina that houses sail-boats and powerboats. If you are traveling with your family or kids, you can have a picnic here.

Granite Railway

This had been developed in 1826 and served as one of the first commercial railways of America. It was used for transporting granite to Charlestown from Quincy. The remaining parts of the railway are to be found at the end of Mullin Avenue. This place helped me learn about the history of the railway in the city.

The Water Club

Are you looking for some fun things to do? You can eat and drink at the Water Club. This place offers the best nightlife in the city. Once you step into it, you will feel as if you are one of the top nightclubs of New York.

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