Puno – The Legacy of Peru

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From the very first time when you see the city, you will feel it is nothing but just a colonial slum area, but those are just the looks. The city has the highest literacy rate around Peru. And even though it is filled with old and ancient architecturally designed monuments and churches, this is one of the vibrant and brightest heritage cities I have been to. The culture and traditions here among the people are very rich and they are very warm and welcoming in their behavior and personalities. The most common thing you will be able to spot around the city are the Pubs and bars, there is a vast variety of those. Here are some places you must see.

Deustua Arch

This is a very famous stone arch that has been built hundreds of years ago, approximately around 1847 in lieu of the commanding soldiers who lost their lives to the battles in those times. If you go further and look closely to the arch you can find engraved names of those who fought brilliantly. The stone has never been restored since and the locals believe it to be God’s grace that even though Peru has been through many rough natural calamities, this arch never even shook a bit where buildings tend to fathom to the ground. Every morning prayers are held for the militants. You can be a part of it if you reach there early morning.

Sillustani Funeral Towers

These towers are away from the main center of the Puno city, for about forty-five to fifty minutes and are based alongside the Lake Umago peninsular. This whole region was earlier in the fifteenth century, under the command of the Collan Tribe. And the tribes whenever lost their fellow member would cremate or bury them in the funeral towers. There are more than 300 towers in this whole area, all with at least one tribesmen buried inside of them. You might love it or get creeped-out, but must visit.

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