Puerto Madryn – The City of Pieces

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The city is labeled as the water city of Argentina, the city itself is housed or as you can say surrounded by over 20 water bodies and all of them are breathtaking. All these beaches make the city one of the most pleasant cities to spend their time in. There are loads of riches from the marines that are earned by the city, which is why the city also witnesses many different businessmen every year. The city is known for the upbringing of its industrial sector among the others. Most of the beaches here offer you witnessing rare whales and dolphins. So here are the attractions you must visit.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most loved reasons why people love visiting this city. Imagine luminescent aquatic waters filled with whales jumping and swimming around you, it, in fact, is a dream comes true for some, like me. The highest peak time for visiting the city if you want to get hold of these majestic creatures is from June to December. El Doradillo beach is the leading one for whale spotting. If you get lucky, you can see whales swimming from the beach boundaries itself and man is it a sight to behold. The whales in the beach swim down to the shores where they perform the beautiful birthing sessions, you can sometimes also spot whales teaching their babies how to swim and it is very heart touching.

Eco Center

If you like learning diversified information and knowledge about the biodiversity around the area you currently are in, then you should lead to this place. The eco center was the first result of the booming industrial sector in the city. The eco center is about a three-storied building with marine themes and interiors all around it. The center will give you information all about the wildlife and ecosystems around the city. The entry here is free however the tour you sign up for voluntarily is charged.

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