Mejicanos: If You Are Into A New Culture, Then Come Here

Mejicanos is a town in San Salvador, EI Salvador. It is situated in a middle point because it is the main route to the other municipalities or towns, like Mariona, San Ramon, Cuscatancingo, San Salvador, etc. And it has the single lane road resulting in frequent traffic jams. It is considered as a disorganized city, just like other cities in El Salvador.  It has a municipal market, from where people can buy dairy products, vegetables, pupusas, groceries, meat, etc. The things that are sold in the market are produced in the villages from around the city, like vegetables. But, people use the streets to sell their products instead of Municipal market. The city is warm on average throughout the year.

The first name of the city was “Villa of Mejicanos” and later, it was changed into “City of Mejicanos”.

We found many amazing things to do here as there are historical sites, cultural attraction and much more.


  • Turicentro Apulo


It is a perfect picnic spot where you can rest and enjoy family time with your people while enjoying the beautiful view. It is at Carretera A Apulo, San Salvador, EI Salvador, the timing of the place is 8.00 am to 4.00 pm to visit. It is free and does not have any ticket to enter. You can also enjoy water games if you are a fan of water sports. The food here is amazing, fresh fish with sausages are available. I would suggest you to stay there till the evening and enjoy the sunset.


  • Museo De Arte De El Salvador, San Salvador


We were told that this place works to preserve the amazing art, ‘The art Museum’ it is. It is at Colonia San Benito, Final Avenida la Revolucion, San Salvador, El Salvador.

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