Manchester: This Football-Mad City Must Be Your Next Destination

The first thing which pops to my mind by the name of this city i.e. ‘Manchester’ is Football. This metropolitan city not just by football, but also with its great industrial heritage and culture has grabbed every tourist’s attention. Art and history lovers can find this city very pleasing and the city museum of science reflects the history of industrial changes. The old red brick buildings, factories, and warehouses are now all converted into shops, restaurants, café, nightclubs etc. and the pop band culture of the city is still alive, to rejuvenate those old days.


  • Old Trafford


It is the largest football stadium. When I visited the stadium, I could feel the energy and excitement with which the players play and the fans sitting in those chairs cheers constantly to boost their team’s confidence. So, sitting there and watching a live football match would be a completely different experience.


  • Science and Industry Museum


It is a large museum, which showcases the evolution of science and the growth of industry along with the development of the Manchester city. Its rich heritage can be seen here for centuries ago till now how the city has changed and developed.


  • National Football Museum


It is publicly funded themed museum designed to collect all the memorabilia and other important collections of football and matches. It is the national football museum in England and is located in Urbis building. This museum is one of its kinds and this museum is a proof of public love and their contribution towards their beloved game.


  • Castlefield


It is the calm and peaceful place to sit or walk and enjoy a little self-time. I loved walking around the water canal with the landscape around to provide that fresh air. Places like these acts like stress buster. The purity and positivity cleanse the mind and soul and pulls me towards it. And undoubtedly the scenery of that place is so beautiful along with the Ruined Roman Fort of Mamucium, art center, live theatres, etc.

The list of places is long and it can go on and on, as this city is vast and stunning. The Manchester Cathedral is another such place with its Gothic Architectural Style the cathedral looks massive and magnificent. With diverse old-style beauty, the city is equally modernized and can make anybody fall in love with it.

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