Hamamatsu: Explore the intricacies of Japanese Art

For our weekend, we decided to have a trip to Hamamatsu, which is the second largest in Shizuoka Prefecture after Shizuoka City. And is mostly famous for its manufacturing industries.

For comfortable travel experience to all decided places, we agreed on staying in a hotel near around the central station and finally found APA Hotel Hamamatsu Eki Minami comfortable for a two-day stay and just a 4 minute walk away from the station.

After reaching Hamamatsu, we decided to beat Nakatajima dunes. We took a bus from Hamamatsu station, bus terminal which took about 15 minutes to arrive. It is the 4 K.M high dune where the Hamamatsu Festival is organized. Down to the south coast at Enshu Beach Sea Park was the Hamamatsu Festival Pavilion where 4 meters long kites are exhibits that are used in Hamamatsu Festival. Those were beautiful too!

Things to see in Hamamatsu

Next, we decided to head over to the Ryotan-Ji Temple and the Ryugashido Cave, and for that again we took a bus, and it took an hour to reach the place. Ryotan-Ji is the most famous temple in the area, and we were glad about visiting it. Such a beautiful garden it has, relatively small but very pleasing. Another 30 minutes and it was the time for Ryugashido Cave. A large cave with a narrow entrance, but extremely cold inside. Quite excellent and fun-filled adventure, we enjoyed here and ended today’s visit.


The next day we decided to visit the Castle, just a 5-minute drive away from our hotel. It has the most favorite spot for Hanami that is cherry-blossoms view and is known to have over 360 cherry trees. The castle also contains a bronze statue of Ieyasu Tokugawa-a warlord who moved his base here in 1570. Later we also explored the Hamamatsu City Art Museum, Shokin-the tea house, and Literary Memorabilia Museum.

Best places to eat:

  • Gomi HatchinMishima
  • Sky Restaurant & Lounge Paganini
  • Okura Bakery & Cafe
  • DLoFre’s Cafe

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