Bolzano: The Beautiful Town Is Just Getting Better

Last week, we had a family trip to Bolzano. It is a beautiful city with an interesting history. It is the capital of South Tyrol. It is recommended to visit during the late summer. We stayed at Hotel Rentschnerhof. Our room had an incredible view of the surrounding winery. The architecture of the city has Nordic and Mediterranean accents.

Firstly, we went through a cable car to San Genesio. It had breathtaking views. We hiked onto Edelweiss. We stopped by at Wietererhofand had breakfast. The atmosphere is quite welcoming and relaxed. We then went to the Civic Museum which houses the 5000-year-old mummy – Otzi, the Iceman. The body of Otzi was found frozen in 1991. The culture of Bolzano has a unique appeal.

We visited the Mila cooperative that offers milk and delicious dairy products. It is a must visit shop and café. They have a wide variety of local cheeses that are offered for tasting, consuming and packaging. They also offer local honey, jams, marmalades, salamis, and other treats. We also went on hiking to the Dolomites. We hiked towards San Cipriano. It is a beautiful mountain road and is a great place for a picnic too. We then went to Castel Roncolo which is also known as Runkelstein Castle. It has an impressive structure which was built in the middle ages. It is covered by frescoes and depicts the scenes of daily life nobility.

We visited the Bolzano Gothic Cathedral which is the main landmark of the city. It has flying buttresses, gargoyles and colorful frescoes.  We then spent some time at the Treasure Museum.  We tried the fresh pasta, delicate sauces, delicious cheese fused with German traditional items. We had the best pizza at Nussbaumer.

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