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Album Information

I offer two main styles of album – modern flushmount albums and matted art albums.

Both styles of albums are custom built to order and offered with thick art pages and real leather covers as standard. All photographs in the albums are real silver halide professional photographic prints and available with either a lustre or metallic finish.

Flushmount albums are currently the most popular as the photographs are larger and it is possible to have an image which spans both pages. Flushmount albums are available in black, brown or cream leathers as standard or for a small supplement specialist leathers. Many couples elect for a modern acrylic image cover with a black leather back. Macrosuede and Metal Covers which are vegan friendly are also available.

My matted art albums are hand built in Australia and imported into Scotland. Here the photographs are recessed into the page. My art albums are contemporary with non padded covers with bevel laser cut art pages in either white or black art core board. Numerous cover options are available with leather as standard.

Both types of albums are amongst the best wedding albums available. My pricing reflects the fact that I only use the finest construction for my albums, archival prints and art core pages. I do not offer cheaper alternatives which typically have thin pages, plastic fake leather or off set printing. Many couples comment on how amazing my sample albums are and many fall in love with the flushmount style.

Flushmount albums are also described by some photographers as magazine style or coffee table books. Coffee table books are normally cheaper hardbook albums with thin pages (laser printed – not photographic paper) I do not offer these due to concerns about the longevity of the binding plus these albums are easily damaged.

I recommend that couples meet me to see the albums in person. I have seven different sized sample albums at present with vegan, leather, acrylic, metal and macrosuede covers. I also have swatches of all the various cover choices. The actual album style can be decided after the wedding and many couples meet with me after the wedding to finalise their album layout and materials.

Album layouts are all designed by myself in consultation with the bride and groom. I do not use templates but design each and every album from scratch. A wide selection of Client album designs can be viewed on-line here and here.