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This week I received a lovely thank you from Dana and Oliver from Germany, who’s wedding photography I was commissioned for at Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh last month.

The wedding itself was very intimate and Dana and Oliver wanted the day to be photographed naturally as they loved photographs of real moments, particularly black and white photographs. With only 11 guests photographing such an intimate wedding is a huge responsibility as great skill is required to not be intrusive. Some of my favourite photographs follow in the slideshow below.

Please press play to view the slideshow below. I really loved the sequence before they were married where they met before the ceremony before entering together. Below is also a list of special thank you’s for the suppliers from Dana and Oliver’s for their wedding. May I also extend my thanks both to Prestonfield House Hotel which is always a pleasure to photograph at and also Dana and Oliver and their 11 guests.

Dana and Oliver’s thank you note to their wedding suppliers for their Prestonfield House Hotel wedding:

Oliver and me like to thank you very much. With your help and support you made our wedding day on July 10 a memorable one!

1) The Prestonfield House (

Rudina, thank you very much for the planning. You had an open ear for our wishes and imaginations of the day and procedure. Additionally the surprise with my witness was a great one. Also thanks go to Sarah and Paulduring your absence. Jenny supported us and our guests all three days long. Thank you. We felt very welcome at every time! (Rudina, could you please forward this mail to Jenny, Sarah and Paul)

2) Photography (

Martin, thank you very much for your great work. We enjoyed the day. Now looking on the amazing pictures taken from you we know it was the best decision to hire you. The images will help us to keep the (stressful) day as a great one in memory.

3) Registrar’s Office (

Thank you for not having the German bureaucracy! Janet was so lovely that day and greeted our guests with some words in German. That broke the ice. We hadn’t even the time to thank her personally. We’re sorry about that. Thank you again!

4) Beauty Works Scotland (

Tracy, thank you very much for being with me in the time before the ceremony. You did a great job and helped me to not think about the upcoming stress. Oliver loved the “whole package” (dress, makeup, hair)!

5) Williamson Design Florist (

Thanks to the Edinburgh team for the wonderful bridal bouquet and the flowers for the dinner table. They perfectly matched to the room atmosphere!

6) The Pickled Piper (

It was so amazing (You’ll not hear that sound in Germany) to hear how Andrew played the pipes. Thank you therefore! It made the ceremony a special Scots touched one for us and our guests.

7) 3D Cakes (

Last but not least thanks go to the team of 3D Cakes that baked a perfect wedding cake for us. It was delicious!

Btw, for our next wedding plans we’ll do everything the same. Nothing will change! ;)

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  1. Dana
    on September 12th, 2011

    Every time I watch the video I’ll be moved to tears… Amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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