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Last night I had the pleasure of hearing Colin Prior talk about his Scottish Landscape Photography in Kinross. A brilliant speaker he really brought his images alive and some of his stories about photographing at dusk and dawn really resonated with me as did his explanations about the importance of the quality and direction of light.

Well known for his panoramic mountain photography of Scottish Wilderness I actually preferred his abstracts of the Scottish Landscape and his gift of composition and the use of complimentary colours. His explanation of deconstructing the landscape was also fascinating and reminded me of cookery and his mantra “less is more” is one of my favourites.

The image above is a good example of complimentary colours. The image works due to the yellow of the foreground sandstone and the deep blue of the winter sky which has been lifted with a polariser. The polariser also slows down the shutter speed allowing interesting water shapes in the foreground. There is also the rule of thirds with the distant shore line.

This week I hope to return to the Fife coast, The above image was taken on the Fife Coastal walk which has the most incredible variation in geology. The distant hill is actually an extinct volcano Largo Law. The rocks in the foreground were a great find as I paddled along the shoreline in my wellington boots.

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